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Office and Retail

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System Optimization

Our team can prepare customized solution for your project and also help you in preparing the load schedules for the offered solution.

Onsite programming

Qlite Lighting Control System (LMS) is a revolutionary lighting control system comprised of digital electronic forward and reverse phase dimming, DALI & 1-10V Ballast Control Dimming, DMX 512 control…

System Reprogramming

Once the onsite programming is done system will be ready for the final programming as per the end user/consultant/Lighting designer. Read More

Qlite integrated solutions

Qlite Limited UK is an established company with specialization in low voltage control systems. Qlite designs and manufactures state-of-the-art Guest Room management systems (GRMS), plug-in Dimming controls, Lighting control,Home Automation systems, Day light Harvesting systems…. Read More

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