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The bespoke solutions for Guest Room Management System (GRMS),Home Automation, Dimming & Lighting Control and Sensor Systems.

Switch on the Solutions for a Brighter World

Qlite Limited UK is an established company with specialization in low voltage control systems. Qlite designs and manufactures state-of-the-art Guest Room management systems (GRMS), plug-in Dimming controls, Lighting control, Home Automation systems, Day light Harvesting systems, Sensors and Wiring accessories. Qlite is respected and recognized around the world with engineering capabilities to meet any market standards and custom-made products. We have many years of experience working as a professional partner to electrical consultants and contractors, architects and lighting designers. Qlite, supported by its strong R&D, caters to the ever changing needs of the lighting industry. It boasts of an up-to-date product range comprising welltested and proven LED control gear, LED dimmers and latest smart Tablet PCs/devices. All systems manufactured by Qlite are compatible with most open protocols such as TCP/IP, are easily configurable and open for integration to any third party equipment like BMS, Fire Alarm and Property Management Systems.

Global Technology meets Local Needs

The diversity of our skills is reflected in the nature of the projects that we have executed. A unique understanding of the current design trends and the specific demands of the architectural interior design sector make us ideal partners in this sector. To meet the strenuous requirements of the continually expanding markets, Qlite provides full local sales and technical support throughout Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & African Region. We rely on our strong R&D to maintain our position at the forefront of technological innovation. The user interface software is continuously enhanced to meet the ever changing demands and requirements of the consultants and clients.
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