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QLITE Sponsors Institute of Indian Interior designers …

IIID is an association of interior designers founded to develop research and practice in optimizing information and information systems for knowledge transfer in everyday life, business, education and science.
IIID is a group of members over six thousand spread all across india and it’s Hyderabad chapter is a group of 400 Members which includes top/upcoming/Intern Interior designers,Trade members,Affiliate,Educaion,Licentiate,Student,Press and Honorary members.
Executive Committee-Hyd Chapter
Ms.Sona Chatwani-Hon Secretary
Mr.Shantanu Choudary-Chairman
Mr.Jayanthilal Patel-Treasurer.
QLITE is honoured to a do a presentation on our integrated automation solutions in various segments like residential home automation solutions,Office automation and Energy Management solutions and Hotel Guest room management and Public area dimming control solutions.
AGM Meeting held on 01/08/2014 in Hotel Marigold in Hyd attracted a crowd of 200Plus members with many of them are interior designers and architects.
We also put a live stall with
a) Lighting controls
b) Fan speed control
c) TV/Blue ray integration and control
d) AV amplifier and DVD player integration and control
e) With smart glass touch keypads
f) With IPAD control
Stall attracted many interior designers and QLITE team ensured that they experienced the performance of QLITE products integrated with other AV systems.
Vector systems and QLITE logos shared the background of stall.
Sponsorship of this event is a proof that QLITE is moving aggressively for faster and effective penetration in to automation market.