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Architectural Scene Setting (Hospitality)

Lighting plays an important role in personalizing guest experiences. Each guest is different and wants a customized experience during his/her stay. Business or leisure, luxury or functional – guests want to be able to personalize the atmosphere and control lighting to suit their individual needs in their hotel room. An architectural dimming control gives the guest the comfort of changing the lighting to suit him/her.

Dimming control systems are used mainly for creating architectural and mood lighting. Pre-programmed scenes can be set for a particular mood or occasion to enhance and improve the ambience of areas such as restaurants, lounges, hotel lobbies, ball rooms, conference rooms, VIP areas, spas, outdoor areas, private villas, royal palaces etc.

Other benefits include reduced energy consumption, and reduced maintenance costs through more efficient usage and longer bulb life. Color changing lights/LEDs can also be controlled via our DMX modules to improve the aesthetics of the building fa├žade. The entire system can be controlled via our Dimming control plates, Touch screens and Desktop/Tablet PCs.

It is vitally important to make your hotel stand out, it should be distinctive and give guests a memorable experience so they come back and recommend it to other people. When guests first set foot in a hotel they briefly have a look around. Good lighting helps to make their first impression positive – focusing their attention on the reception desk and interesting objects around the hotel entrance to make them feel welcome.

When traveling, whether it’s for work or plays, guests like the hotel to be a place of quiet respite and at times to serve as a calm oasis in the storm. For this, the hotel interiors are designed specially to suite the eye. Lighting plays a very important role in creating the required ambience. Light should create both relaxation and fun mood in more intimate areas like hotel bar space whereas in areas like restaurant there should be a proper mix of flash and ambient light. The architectural dimming system allows creating exactly the mood and ambience required.